dead Sansa Express

My 1gig Sansa Express dies on me for no reason. It was making static sounds before songs, then it just stopped playing. It’s only  a few months old. How can I get it replaced?

Message Edited by kjharrison on 10-06-2007 07:25 AM

Have you charged the player before?

Unfortunately, I’m on my third replacement.  by what you describe your device is bricked.  (Bricked: a lump of matter that can only be used as a brick.)

If you can, return it to the store, if you can’t, return it to Sandisk.  Call customer service which is 24/7 because it has to be.  They do turn around deliver with a couple of weeks, but then you’re stuck with the same product.

I love this thing, but it has about a 4 week - 12 week lifespan.