device is dead


My Sansa Express is dead. I’ve put Sansa into the USB and update window has appeared, so I confirmed it and updating was started, but while device was updating “windows has found new hardware dialog appeared”, I closed it every time but then my updating was stop at 18%, so from there on I cant turn on Sansa, I allready did the hard restart, tryed it on the other pc and so on… if I plug Sansa into computer all I get is "new hardware found! dialog by windws. Device won’t even charge as it used to. Is there anything I can do before I return it to store?

Your Sansa got bricked. Just like mine, it should be recongnized on the computer as a STMP3600 or Device Recovery Class. In any case, you are unlucky and the updater wiped out your Sansa’s firmware leaving nothing but PVC and Silicone. You cannot fix a bricked Sansa unless you have a firmware uploading program for the STMP3600 chipset by Sigmatel (Which they never release) and the actual Sansa Express Firmware.

In other words, RMA or Return it. It’s permanatly broken for the consumer.

Yup, RMA.  If you can return it to the store, do it and get a different brand.  Within 1/2 year, I’m on my third replacement.  Which just died tonight after working for 3 weeks.

I don’t think it’s luck.  I think it’s the product.

Oh if you DO get stuck with another sandisk, do not download the updater.  Many, many people reported these problems after they used the updater.

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