dead sansa clip plus heeeeeelp !!!!!!

2 years old 4G sansa clip + plugged it in to my laptop the other day, charged for a couple of minutes then got really hot, unplugged it, tried to turn it on …nothing.

Two days passed tried powering on it came back refreshed the media but after that it shut down forever.

Tried all the different tricks with the power and home buttons but nothing so far.

I am ready to take it apart and check the battery leads but if anyone has any good ideas before I wreck this thing is welcome to elaborate…thank you in advance

Getting really hot doesn’t sound good, in fact when dealing with Li batteries sounds quite bad. You might have to junk it (unless you intend to replace battery). Think about a nice shiny new Clip Zip!!

Hot is defintely not good! :dizzy_face:

I think

Well, I guess I should let it rest in peace, the price I paid for it isn’t worth spending more time on this thing, thanks guys