Hey, I bought my Sansa Clip Zip last June. It worked perfectly, until yesterday. The battery was like on 7%, and it was playing music (Katy Perry’s new album, BTW) suddenly it just stopped working. I ran to plug it (I normally plug it on the wall with an adapter for the cable) and left it there like for 3 hours, later then I went to check if it was charged but nothing. I plugged then to the computer and left it there another hour, and nothing.

I’ve tried the reset thing, but it does nothing, I hold the Power Button like for 30 seconds, and then press it again and it just won’t work. If it counts, I touch the screen and it is warm.

I’ve also tried the pressing the center button while plugging it to the PC and nothing.

HELP ME PLEASE :C Music is my life, what I’m I gonna do? D:

With the battery so low, it may have gone into an “ultra-protective” state.  It sometimes works to leave the player plugged into a power source for 2-3 days, allowing the battery to be trickle-charged until you can then start it up again.