Brand new Clip + Bug

So here’s another round of the same olde problem, oft encountered here.

I have a Brand New (!) clip plus I’ve been hoarding til mine died. It just did.

I droolingly plugged the new one in and waited a while, and now in the throws of depression, 5 hours later, it still won’t turn on.

This thing must have been sitting in the shop for at least 5 years. I saw it in a shop on a bike trip years ago, but decided to stick with my trusty zen nano (out of nostalgia and love) but eventually bought one elsewhere (2 gb is ridiculous), and when I realized they were going the way of the dinosaurs, I stopped in that shop again on another bike trip, and lo and behold, it was still there - 3 years later! So I haggled the price down to 40 euros and put it in a box until mine died, which it did today.

My PC notices when I plug it in, but doesn’t recognize it. 

It doesn’t light up at all plugged in, and won’t turn on at all.

Is it likely it just needs a super long charge since it’s been in limbo so long?

I’ll check it in the morn, but just curious if anyone ever had one take so long to charge up.

Thanks for any help. Hope I can get it going. I think I bought the very last one for sale in europe! 

What a disaster that sandisk ditched this gem for the junk they’re making now. Incredible. 

Still nothing in the morning. I’d crack it open and see if loosely wiring my old battery in works, but I’d kill the warranty if it doesn’t. 

It’s up for sale now, for anyone with the guts to risk that. :wink:
Sucks I’ll have to take some POS jam or sport as a replacement. Maybe they’ll give me 2 POS jam or sports since this is worth 5 times (actually 10 times) more.