Dead Fuze, can't charge with computer

A few days ago my the batter on my Fuze died, I got home the same night and went to charge it, I plugged it in and waited for my computer to recognize it, however it did not. I’ve unplugged it and put it back in, same results. I have Windows Media Player 11 and my Fuze is perfectly updated. I’m weirded out because this has never happened before. Previously I reformatted my computer and this is the first time I’ve tried to charge it with my computer since. Can anybody give me some answers?

I had a different issue which caused my Fuze to become unresponsive and after doing the following it came back to life.

Connect it to the PC, hold it in the ON position for 30 seconds, then let go and try to power it up normally.

Just to note, reformatting your PC would not cause this issue, nor will it be a problem with using the Fuze.

Reformatting could indeed cause this issue. It really depends on how mush was formatted. If the whole hard Drive was wiped then yeah it could cause this. If only your files were deleted and windows was left untouched then you are having a larger issue. NMake sure you have the latest Service Pack for your Operating System, and Make sure that all the upgrades are installed. Finally make sure your USB support is the most recent offered.