Fuze will not connect/charge

So I connected my Fuze to my computer last night to let it charge, and then disconnected it later and sat it with my keys and such so I wouldn’t forget it.  The next day I went out to the car and try to turn it on but nothing.  I thought maybe I had left it on after I disconnected it and it might have still been playing music until it died.  When I got home I reconnected it to my computer to recharge it and nothing happened.  Checked the cable, it looks good, tried different usb ports to no avail, and searched around here on the forums.  I restarted the service as I saw someone got that to work, but that didn’t help. 

Any ideas?

Oh and if it helps, I’m running Vista 64.  The fuze has connected and charged just fine for 7 months or so until now.

And three posts in, all by me, and it’s fixed!  I had tried holding the power button for awhile but apparently it wasn’t long enough because now it’s working.

Thanks anyway.