CruzerEdge drive is not recognised when it is inserted for a second time

Hello there,

I have run into a peculiar problem with my flash drive. Whenever I try to insert it for a second time, the system will not see any files on it. To be more specific, the steps to reproduce are as follows:

  1. Boot the PC

  2. Insert the drive for the first time. Check everything is ok, files are there, readable and writable.

  3. Close all the files, click “Safe remove hardware - Eject Cruzer Edge”. Remove the drive from the USB port

  4. Now put the drive back in. Check that the new drive does not appear in Windows explorer. The new device does appear in the Device Manager under Disk Drives, and there is also a new drive in the Device Manager under Portable Devices

  5. Wait for a while. The system  freezes for some time (roughly 5 minutes), and then unfreeezes. The new drive then appears in Windows Explorer, however  no files are shown on that drive. In the device manager, the volumes under Portable Devices show an yellow triangle with exclamation mark on them (all volumes), and the Cruzer Edge volume sais that Device will not start (code 10) under device status.

Steps 1-5 can be repeated after the PC is powercycled, including the initial successful operation.

I am using CruzerEdge 32Gb drive under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. This is a desktop PC.