Cruzer Edge 64gb

Hi, I have a 64gb Sandisk Cruzer Edge USB, when I plug it in to both 2.0 and 3.0, my computer (Windows 7 and 8) does not acknolwledge its presence in the same way that it should.

A normal USB would present me with the options and confirm to me that the computer has recognised its presence. However, with this USB, it appears only in the ‘safely eject USB hardware’ menu and when I go into the Device Manager menu which recognises it as a drive rather than a removable disk. 

Resultantly, I am unable to reformat the USB or acess its contents in any way. 

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues or can shed light on the issue?

I have read through the other advice provided on other threads including closing all potentially conflicting programs, none of which I have installed. 


You do not need to reformat the drive but you may need to manually assign it a drive letter so it is accessible in Windows Explorer.  Windows is notorious for assigning the same drive letter to removable devices that are totally different.

Once the drive shows up in Windows Explorer it is possible that it will be seen as a Fixed drive rather than a Removable one.  That is fine, no need to panic.  For a while SanDisk was making drives as fixed to conform to the new Microsoft Windows to Go format standard.  They have stopped doing that at this point but there are still drives that were made that way in the supply chain.

Hi Ed,

Firstly, I appreciate the reply.

However, how exatly do I do this?

The computer is not recognising the USB, as in it is not appearing on the My Computer screen.

I really hope you can help.

Thanks, Kristina.

In Windows 7 click on the Start icon then RIGHT click on Computer and then click on Manage.  When the Computer Management window opens click on Disk Management.

Your USB drive should show up. RIGHT click on it and click on Change Drive Letter and Paths.  Choose an unused drive letter.  U for USB drive?  S for SanDisk?   K for Kristin?

See if that helps see the drive in My Computer.   

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply. 

Unfortunately, when I open Disk Management, the USB device appears only on the bottom half of the screen, not with the rest of the dynamic disks (CD drive, other USBs etc). 

My presumption is that in order to be able to assign a letter to the drive, it ought be a dynamic disk. However, when I right click on the USB drive to change it to a dynamic drive, it states that the object is unable to do so.

Do you have any suggestions to remedy this?

Kind Regards


I’m not seeing what you’re seeing on my Windows 7 system. 

The only drive letter that can’t be changed, to the best of my knowledge is the C: drive.

BTW A similar thread?


Do you have a personal email I can contact you on? I can send through an image of what is happening on my screen.

I looked at the other forum, however, does not help with my situation.

Thanks, Kristina

Kristina, please edit your post and remove your email address ASAP less you get buried in SPAM from 'bots.


Do you have a solution to my problem?

Thanks, Kristina.

When you RIGHT click on the drive in Disk Management is the option Change drive letter available?