Solution for Cruzer Edge not being recognized in Windows 7

My problem was that my computer would recognize my Cruzer Edge 8 GB (but this solution should work regardless of the amount of memory on the flash drive) just once. After I properly ejected it via ‘Safely Remote Hardware and Eject Media’, when I reinserted the flash drive, there would be no recognition in the ‘Computer’ window that displays icons for all the hard drives and removable storage.

However, in the ‘Computer Management’ window, clicking on the subsection of ‘Device Manager’ and then on the right panel under disk drives–it would recognize it as ‘SanDisk Cuzer Edge USB Device’.  Single left click on ‘SanDisk Cuzer Edge USB Device’ then single right click to see the options, then left click on ‘Uninstall’. After it’s done uninstalling, remove the flash drive from your computer and then perform a restart. When you reinsert the flash drive this time your computer will recognize it again.

BUT WAIT YOU’RE NOT FINISHED! You’re only back at square one, if you properly eject your flash drive and then reinsert it, your computer won’t recognize again. So you need to reformat it BUT in exFAT. I tried reformatting in FAT32 but I ended up with the exact same problem as I’ve discussed.

So single left click on your flash drive icon in the ‘Computer’ window, then single right click–look down at the options and single left click on ‘Format…’ and you’ll be in ‘Format’ window. Under File system choose exFAT and under Allocation unit size choose Default allocation size. Under Volume label, type in a new name for your flash drive and under Format options check mark Quick Format–finally click on start.

Once your flash drive has reformatted, eject it and then reinsert it, now it will be recognized for good! Try it again to be sure by doing a proper eject and then reinsert it again–if it’s recognized again then congratulations! If this solution hasn’t worked out for you then I’m sorry, I’m out of ideas–let people know in this forum if my solution works for you.

Have you ever tried to use the slow format? Not the quick format.

I don’t think quick format is helpful on fixing it.

By the way, have you checked the flash drive in Safe Mode?

If your flash drive can be recognized in Safe Mode, then the flash drive is fine.

Maybe some softwares will block the flash drive from being detected.

Try to run a Windows update. That should help out but not really guarranteed. It’s worth the try though.