Cruzer Wrong Password Message

I’ve had my 8gb Cruzer for about six months now and it has suddenly decided the password that I have been using that entire time is the ‘wrong password’?? I have never changed the password since I first set it.  Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix as I have some very important data on the USB that I don’t want to lose.

Have you made sure your CAPS lock isn’t turned on on your keyboard? That’s always the 1st thing to check when an existing password stops working for anything. It’s an easy slip of the fingers to turn it on. :wink:

There is no other way but to uninstall the U3 App. Unfortunately, it will format the drive. You can just try using data recovery software afterwards.

Hopefully you haven’t exhausted your password retry attempts, in which case Tapeworm’s Caps Lock suggestion is a very good suggestion and may solve your problem.

If you’re out of password attempts maybe this old thread will help you: Disregard the topic’s title and read the posts.


Hello. I have the same problem with 16 gigabytes crouser. You solve it somehow? Please advice. Thank you.

I have the same problem. And I see on the internet that there are more people with this problem.

I think Sandisk should do something about it. Two years ago it happend for the first time and now for the second time.

Is there any software around to solve this problem???

Please help!

No, the device is designed to protect the owner’s data on it in the event it gets into the wrong hands and the person doesn’t know the password and the hint doesn’t mean anything to them and they try three times to access the data, then the device locks the data drive.  I wish cars had this option.

The device can be used again once the security system formats the data drive. 

I realize that the securitysystem must be good enough. But I did nothing wrong. I used my password but the usbdrive didn’t recognize it… And I know I used the right password. And it isn’t possible to erase all the data… That’s why I would like to see that Sandisk is helping me with this problem because I can’t use this usb drive and no one else can use it…

Let the password error format the drive.  Then without Writing anything back to it download and try a free file recovery app on it like this one:

This is similar to an earlier post; been using the same flash drives for a few months. When I enter the password, I get an error message that it is the wrong password. It also does not let me use the  hint question. Any thoughts. I really need to access my data. Geo

Ed:  Tell me more abouit the 3 attempts, and also what you mean by use after remormatting  Geo