u3 software?!


i entered my u3-password correctly but that message came up:

You have reached the maximum number of failed password attempts. For security reasons, all data and programs on your U3 device are now permanently inaccessible. You have to erase all data to continue using your U3 smartdrive. Click Erase button to erase all device data or click ‘Cancel’ to abort the launchpad and decide later.

Now all data is encrypted/damaged so that i have no access to it.

What can i do but for formatting it?!

(cruzer micro, 8gb)

What can i do

  1. Find out who tried to access your files.

  2. Find out who played a mean joke on you.

  3. Find out why your USB drive was touched?

  4. Click the Erase button.

  5. Write NOTHING to the drive.

  6. Use any/all of the file recovery apps that I posted here somewhere and see if they will allow you to recover your files.

My 6/2/2011 posting in this thread: http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/repair-files-after-removing-cruzer-edge-USB-from-computer-during/m-p/294199#M4934

Or if you can live with those contents being gone, reformatting it would be your easiest option.

The OP isn’t looking for the easiest solution.