Cruzer USB 2.0 16 GB extremely slow file transfer

Hi There,

I bought a new Sandisk 16G USB drive. Once I realized that it does not copy files more than 4G then I found a solution KB and reformatted the drive into NTFS and chose the optimization feature.

Now that I am able to copy huge files into my drive , a new problem has raised. Transfer is too slow. It took approx. 24 minutes to copy 6G file to the drive.

I got contacted with OnlineSupport and adviced that they don’t have the speed rates for those entry level products and I could buy a higher level products.

This is where everything is get jammed:

  1. How come they only have speed rates for only expensive products?

  2. I guess they actually have but they don’t share it because they will accept the poor performance of the drive.

I asked these questions with a new support case attaching the chat we had with th agent. But they had answered exactly the same way with the log of chat we had :D…

Which means they are giving exactly the same answer. With an addition: Now they have forwarded me KB site to find a solution :D…

Did any of you met the same speed issues?



Short Term Solution: I replaced Sandisk Cruze USB 2.0 with another 16 GB USB drive of another vendor for a better price.

It took 6 minutes to copy the same 6 GB file.

At least they have speed rates on their covers and product is doing what is supposed to.



Does the other vendor have a name and brand?

Toshiba ReadyBoost 16, 5 times faster than Sandisk Cruzer…

Yep, same problem.  USB2 should run about 35MB/s and I only get about 4MB/s.

Probably the last time I buy ANYTHING made by Sandisk.

How does that go, “Fool me once…”

Don’t forget “You get what you pay for”.  Faster devices cost more.

I also ran into this issue. See my reply in another post:

But, yet to find a solution…

 Several years later, in a land far away… My 64gig Sandisk Cruzer is slower than an old USB 1.0 256meg Dell branded memory stick I have… WTF Sandisks? I’m seriously regretting buying your product right now… 

My 64gig Sandisk Cruzer is slower than an old USB 1.0 256meg Dell branded memory stick I have…

Are you using SecureAccess to write your files to the drive?

Correct me if I’m wrong but should flash drives be formatted to FAT32? Might as well try that too.

Dear, S/M

   My SanDisk Cruzer Force USB Flash Drive 16GB   Very Slow speed Data Transper PC To Pen Drive or Pen Drive To Pc

           So please provied  software our solution