Cruzer writing at only 4.4 mbps !! plz help.

I have purchased a brand new Sandisk Cruzer 16 GB (SDCZ36-016G-P36). Just bring it home. Connect to my Desktop and while i am starting copy a 3GB fize to it, its taking ages !! transfer speed is only 4.4mb/s. I dont think that this nice flash drive’s writing speed is too slow. Maybe i have done anything wrong.

I am using Windows 7 32bit.

Please help.

Hard to say.  It’s possible an antivirus is checking every byte being written which would slow it down.  Or if the Cruzer is plugged into a USB hub rather than directly into the machine.

Hopefully your file got written eventually.

i am using kaspersky. I have plugged into the desktop directly. No USB hub.

that is the correct speed for the Cruzer. it is a entry level device and is not a hi performance usb drive. average write speed of around 3 to 4MB/s is normal.