4GB Sandisk Cruzer Edge - Slow Write Speeds

I have this Cruzer Edge (4GB) and no matter which port or computer I use it has a very slow transfer rate. It usually transfers around 3.5 MB/sec. I have tried on windows xp/7/8. I have used both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. I have also reformated and repartioned multiple times (tried multiple file systems as well). Reading (copying from the drive to my pc) averages about 16-17MB/sec but the Write (pc to usb drive) speed is only about 3.5 MB/sec.

Any ideas?

that is the expected speed for this product. this is not a performance product. if you are looking for performance go with the Extreme USB 3.0 drive SDCZ80

Correct. This is an entry level device and no speed scecifications are published. The speed is usually around this range. You can google with key word “sandisk cruzer edge write speed”, and you will see posts from users.