Cruzer Blade - extreemly slow

Hello I have a issue with Cruzer Blade - 8Gb

My laptop is Lenovo G570 - Intel Core i5, 8Gb Ram, Windows 8.1 Pro x64

The writing speed is limited to 3Mb/sec

I change the setiings, but there is no result on the writing speed

Some solution for this issue of mine ?

I remember that SanDisk has never published the write speed of Cruzer Blade.

Are you testing your flash drive’s speed under a USB2.0 port?

Have you tried USB3.0 port?

Yes this is test of my memory stick.

The write speed was in the range 10-15Mb/sec before.

I don’t have USB 3.0 ports, only USB 2.0.

It seem’s that the flash drive itself have some issue… I test it on 4 more PC’s and the result is the same.

Time to get new one… :confounded: