Why is Cruzer Edge so slow??


I’m a long time Sandisk fan user, but in these last months I’m very disappointed with sandisk products…

For example:

  • I buyed a Cruzer Edge 16GB… It is very slow compared to my old Cruzer Micro 8GB … why? only 4MB/s in writing instead of 8MB/s??? 

(test are done on the same machine, on the same USB port, and are both FAT32 formatted; tests done with “h2testw” and other speed test programs)

It seems that writing is very high if you limit to write a file of only 8/16 MB, but as soon as you write something bigger (128 MB or more), the speed drammaticaly reduces to 4MB/s…

This doesn’t happen with the old Cruzer micr 8GB…

  • the other problem (always on speed) is on a new microSD “Ultra” (???) 8GB card  (class 10!!) on my Android phone; it is slower that my old Sony 4gb (class 4) (I will post my tests on the forum)

I think that Sandisk has to reconsider its production process :frowning: