unable to pass data over 1.5gb on cruzer

Today I got my ordered Sandisk 8GB Cruzer Switch.I have problem of transferring files to this flash drive.

  1. When I send/copy/move a file it quackly transfer from 80mbps up to few seconds(normally 5 sec).Then it becomes slow upto 6-7mbps.Is this normal?

2.I can’t transfer file capacity over 1.5GB to this flash drive!Like I said before transfer beguns from 70-80mbps & down to 3 or 4mbps & FREEZE transferring!(on this file capacity was 1.5GB & freezed on 380mb remaining).What is this problem??

3.It takes alot of time to tansfer last mb(if transferring speed is 5mbps,it freeze on last 5mb of the tranfering file) abou 30 or more seconds!What is now?

OS of my pc is Windows 7 (32bit).Im sure this is not a fake Sandisk.It came from retail packaging & there is the serial number too.Help me please.


Did u use formating into ntfs?

But! I have the same problem with speed as u described it!

FAT32 can process files up to 4GB so changing the drive format isn’t necessary for 1.5GB files.

Speed has many components, the USB controller being a prime factor.  Older machines with USB 1.0 controllers are slow.

I’ve already format to NTFS format & my PC is not an old one.It has usb 2.0.Kington,Transcend flash drives worka well.

Did you try transferring files to the drive before you formatted it?

i tryed! it didn’t work before formating. After- it worked. And this problem that is described above apeared only few days ago. After first  formating into ntfs it was a regular usb flash drive device,now it’s really abnormally slow

There is a fair amount of overhead associated with NTFS, which is why IMO few (any?) flash drive manufacturers make drives with it.  Unless you have files larger than 4GB I suggest reformating the drive back to FAT32.  It’s more efficient for flash drives.