Cruzer Glide 32GB won't work on one of my computers

It works on all but one of my computers, and I’m not sure why - this computer is a newer one, Windows 10, but the device works perfectly fine on the other Win10 computer I have.

When I insert it into the USB port, the blue light starts to glow, then blinks, then shuts off entirely. My computer doesn’t even recognize that a device is inserted.

I also tried looking at this thread, but the answer there didn’t help.

Check you security settings and AV logs.  They may help.

Can you be more specific? I’m not sure what exactly to check.

Ebony, you have the computer in front of you and you don’t know what to check, how do you expect someone who can’t see your system answer that for you?

Figure out what antivirus software you have on it and search the web for how to find it’s logs.  Determine what operating system you are running and search the web for security settings it has effecting USB drives.

Or take the computer to a local tech service and have them figure it out.