Cruzer Glide 32GB not recognized

I have followed all of your steps to locate and recognize the Cruzer Glide 32GB Flash drive from your support page

The drive only ever appears in device manager under other devices.

Windows 8.1 is up to date. 

I can not remap the drive letter since it does not appear under disk drives in device manager.

It sounds like either Win 8’s security is blocking access to the removable drive or an app running on Win 8 is blocking the drive.  There are several reported apps that do that.  See if any of these links help.

In reference to an email response

  • Did using other USB ports resolve the issue?                                                                   -Negative

  • Did the Cruzer work on your computer before?                                                                 -Negative

  • What is the operating system of the computer?                                                                 -8.1

  • Were there changes done to the computer lately?                                                            -Negative        

  • Did your device work using a different computer?                                                             -on XP Machines only

  • Do you see a solid light on the flash drive when you plug it on a computer?               -on XP Machines only

As I stated before I followed all of the support links before I posted to the forum.

I do not have any of the listed services talked about in the second link.  

Obviously the Glide and your machine don’t get along.  See if you can exchange it for one that works for you.