HOw does one get Cruzer glide to work on a new Windows 10?

I bought a 32 GB Gruzer Glide the other day to use on my new Windows 10 laptop.  I plugged it in and it told me it couldn’t read it.  That’s as far as it got.  As far as using it, who knows until the laptop at least recognizes it.  I am computer illiterate on top of everything, so I hope it’s an easy fix.  Help.

It’s possible your new computer has security software preventing the removable device being recognized without a security prompt reply. 

It’s possible the new computer has some application running that’s conflicting with the drive’s letter assignment.

etc. etc.

Try the Glide in a different computer if possible.  If it works then the problem is the new computer.

Try rebooting the new computer then trying the Glide.

If those don’t help see if you can get some local help from someone with a little more computer experience.

Let us know how you make out.

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Thank you Ed.  I will try it on another computer first. 

There are two USB slots on the left side (one has printer). The other is free,   I tried both … same result.  The flash says it’s 2.0 and 3.0 compatible.  Don’t know if that’s an issue.

Thanks again.

Hi,  I think you and I might have made the same mistake.

I just went to WalMart today and bought a 32GB and 128 GB Cruzer Glide 2.0/3.0 compatible.

When I got home (stupid me) I read the back of the packaging (should’ve read at the store) and I noticed it said the drive

was compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8…but it DID NOT say 10.

I sent a message to SanDisk asking them if it’s compatible with Windows 10.

I only sent the question today, they’re closed on Sundays, so soon as I get a reply, I’ll let you know.

Yes, that is exactly what I should of done.  I did read the package but the salesman said that absolutely it would work.  I think that Wal Mart needs to screen their electronics people.   I always said that it was better to ask a 16 year old kid than to ask an employee.  I will probably take it back and see if I can find something that will work.  Windows 10 is so new that perhaps none of them will.  Let me know what success you have if any and I’ll do the same.

Thanks for the response.

HOw does one get Cruzer glide to work on a new Windows 10?

Really!!  Not that hard.  Boot pc, plug Cruzer into a USB port.

I’ve tried everything you told me try.  I followed and did everything they said to do.  I think the best thing to do is to return this one and see if there is another one that will work.  I tried different USB ports and they all said the same thing.   There is another port but the flash drive doesn’t fit into that one. 
Thank you for trying to help.  If I was more literate with computers I might find or at least see what I can do.  I don’t want to mess the whole thing up. 

I’ve tried everything you told me try.

You tried it in a different computer?

I don’t want to mess the whole thing up. 


Do you have any other USB flash drives and do they work in the computer?