Cruzer Blade 16 GB no partition

I bought a Cruzer Blade 16 gb as usual I format my flash drives when i buy then so i did so on linux using disks and it suddenly stopped working. I thought it was a defective drive so i returned it and got a new one. I did the same and the same thing happend flash drive stopped working.

I noticed that in windows disk managment it couldn’t see avilable storge not even talking about the partition.

So is there a way to restore this flash drive?

Please note that PC can see the flash drive but can’t see partition or avilable storge on it.

is it showing as unallocated in disk management? If so right click the drive and select new volume and follow the wizard to complete partitioning and formatting the drive. 

No that is the problem it is showing nothing.


I have suspision on what is the problem but i can be complitly wrong, here i go: I think SanDisk is using specific drivers to properly utilize the hardware (flash drive) however after formating the system thinks that it is a Generic USB flash storage, so most probably that is why it can’t acces thertan propritary parts of sandisk hardware.

If that is the case then F SanDisk that should habe put a worning on the box not to format thair hardware.

no it just uses the generic MSC (Mass storage Class) driver that is included with all modern operating systems. Unfortunately it seems what ever you are doing in linux is killing the drives. showing as no media means the controller is not communicating with the nand at all. Best advice is to return it to the place of purchase and do not do whatever you have been doing in linux with the replacement. 

Well i am not doing anything that i haven’t done before with my flash drives (non of them were SanDisk) and non of them had any problem so I don’t think it is tight to linux.

Must be something else, about returning the flash drive well because i feel that some how i broke it, i don’t feel confortable returning it.

Still think it has something to do with hardware, now the system (s) think that it’s serial number is

20120218120009 (Generic Mass-Storage (1.09))

Befor this the systems thought it was SanDisk different chipset most proably. So most probably something got F up.

If you don’t feel comfortable returning it to where you bought it return it to SanDisk.  They warantee their products.

And when you get the replacement, from SanDisk, before formating it, try it in your pc.  If it works, note the drive’s format and manually delete all the files and folders on it.  Safely eject it, reinsert it.  If it works then decide if it needs reformating and if it doesn’t work consider having your pc checked, maybe it doesn’t support USB 3 drives properly.

Other than time you’ve got nothing to loose.  :wink: