Cruzer Glide with U3 like partition

I was in the market for a couple of USB flash memory drives when I came across these two 64GB for about $20. I prefer SanDisk Drives from long ago. Previous drives I had show up as /dev/sr0 and /dev/sd[d] as there was a U3 “device” on the drives. This drive has something similar. I am unable to partition this device to produce boot images for Linux recovery and install medium. Is there a similar tool to U3 removal to free up my memory device to use it as I want?


Well it would help if you said what OS you’re running and what tools you tried to repartition the drive but regardless, if they don’t work for you return them, either to the seller or SanDisk, for a refund or replacement.

Diskpart in Windows and GParted for Linux are good partitioning tools.