Need to Remove U3 on Linux

I’m using a sandisk titanium cruzer U3 on linux. The distribution I’m using is Puppy Linux and can be installed to a USB drive. I’m trying to install this to a USB such as this for a friend, and as with other sandisk U3 USB’s, it seems to work differently. The last USB I treid to boot was formatted in a HDD format, ext3. His BOIS didnt seem to enjoy it, so I’m trying this one.

I already tried to reformat the USB to ext3 manually, and all I achieved is wreaking it and ending up with a ton of unallocated memory on a USB with no partition table. I’m unable to open the USB in Linux, and I probably can’t open it in windows either. Is there a way to restore the USB with some sort of application? the LPInstaller can run via Wine but is unable to read separate storage devices. Is there some way to override the USB manually, uninstall U3, and open it for a read and write permissions? Keep in mind I CAN run most windows applications on Linux, I just cannot allow it to see other devices.

Any help appreciated. 


I know very little about Linux but I believe it works with FAT formatted drives the same as Windows.  I also know that I can boot Windows PE systems on my U3 drive with U3 still installed.

At this point I think you need to buy your friend a new USB stick.