Sandisk Cruzer Deleted during a Clean System Reboot of XP Professional as Partition

I was doing a clean system reboot of Windows XP Professional and deleted the partitions like I normally do.  I didn’t know that the flash drive would show up as a partition and be deletable.  Turns out it does and is.  Now I put it in the computer and it recognizes it as a disk drive without a disk.  I can’t format it.  I can’t install U3. I can’t open it without it prompting me to insert a disk.  It shows 0 bytes used, 0 bytes free, and 0 bytes capacity.  The light is on and flashing, just nobody home.  What can I do other than chuck it in the trash?


As i understand your problem is that the Pc recognize the USB Flash drive but the capacity is messed  up. So you can try to connect it to another computer to see if yours has the problem or you can try from the computer device manager to see if the USB is been recognized there if not then i suggest that you call SanDisk technical support to help you further.

I hope my answer was a bit helpfull.

I have tried it in several other computers with the same result.  It appears in the device manager just fine as “SanDisk SanDisk Cruzer USB Device”  It also shows all drivers are installed and up to date and the device is working properly.


So i think zou shall contact SanDisk Technical support to see if the product is authentic and the warranty still goes to be replaced i dont know what else you can try at this point and i think that the USB is broken.

I hope my answer was helpfull.

I dug a little bit more, and under device properties in the Volues tab nothing shows up until you hit populate.  then it shows 3836 MB under Capacity and in Unallocated space.  0 MB under Reserved space.

I found the fix that worked.  It is at the following link:

Here is what I learned.

Right click computer >manage>storage>disk management

You should see the drive with unallocated space.

Right click the space, select “new volume”

Run through the wizard but do *not* format at this step.  

When a new volume is created, it will ask if you want to format.

Format at this time.

Too bad the drive has to be formatted and all data lost.  But at least I didn’t have to chuck it in the garbage.


Thats very good for you that you tried to do some research first before you just throw it away and im happy to hear that you fixed your issue. Keep up the good work.