Sandisk Cruzer Fit reading 0KB

Have been searching for an answer to this issue for days now.

Don’t care about the data anymore, just hoping to get this drive working again.

I have pretty much tried everything out there to try and re-format my drive, from cmd prompts to programs.

Seemed like I had finally found a solution on this site but it turns out the link has been dead for some time.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

in disk management do you see any info on the storage for the drive? if it says no media for example it seems the drive is dead and would need to be replaced. If you see unallocated you may be able to create a partition and format the drive. 

There is nothing there, that was my first thought also, although the person on the site also claimed the same so there’s that.

Something gone wrong with the partition table , re-create the partition.

Just check in the list of paritions whether there is shownig any previous allocated space or unallocated space , may be he has unallocated the space , create the partition again of that unallocated space us minitool partition to check it system wont show it.

What’s on drive D: jasmine300?  Is your Cruzer Fit an old U3 drive??