My USB Sandisk Cruzer Fit 16GB has no media error

Today I don’t understand why my usb is faulty
I just turned on my laptop and opened Windows Explorer and didn’t see the partition of the usb, so I opened disk management, it said No Media in Disk 1
help me please! :frowning:

Try running a CHKDSK F: /F command for the drive. Shutting a pc down when something is writing to a removable drive can cause it to get screwed up.

okay, i will try

hmm, not working

hmmm Ok, try shutting the pc down, remove the USB drive, and see if you can try it in a different pc. Another option might be to boot your pc in Xenon , plug your USB drive in and see if it’s recognized then.

I tried it on another PC but it didn’t work, so I reinstalled the firmware for this and it worked
Thanks for helping me!

Excellent!! Thanks for the update. Have a Happy New Year.