Crashing Media Converter


New to the forum, and of course having a problem… I’ve tried the Sandisk Support, but their guidelines didn’t solve my problem.

I have two computers, both running WIN XP SP2. I have installed Sansa Media Converter on both and the program behaves the same: it crashes when I start it. I get no longer than to the little blue welcome window before I get the dialogue box “Arcsoft Media Converter has encountered a problem and needs to exit  - send error report to Microsoft yes/no” (my translation from Swedish, but I think you’ve seen similar in other programs… :wink:

Sandisk’s solution had something to do with Quicktime - uninstalling both quicktime and SMC, cleaning the Registry and then reinstalling QT (ver 7.1.6)+SMC would solve it, but it didn’t. I haven’t used 7.1.6 since it’s no longer available, but could that really be it? I’ve tried this several times without any luck.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.

Regards, Erik

I have seen odd codecs cause similar issues, are thier any special codecs for video or audio on these 2 systems?

I really don’t think so. DivX bundle is the only I can think of.

Got it

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