Cover For Sansa Fuse

I am looking for a cover for my Fuse.  Anyone know where I can get one?

I found a cover at BestBuy called an “Action Jacket” made by DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters).  Nice cover and it’s only $19.99.


*Washable armband fits a bicep circumfrence of 6" to 20" 

*Total access to all Sansa Fuze controls and buttons

*Neoprene case with clear window protects Sansa Fuze from sweat and the elements

In The Box: 

Neoprene Case

Belt Loop (built into back of Neoprene case)

Adjustable armband


Sansa Fuze (2GB, 4GB, 8GB)

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What kind of cover? 

One that fits nicely over it with the controls available?  There’s one on Amazon $10 that just covers the case.

If you want just a basic cover, any store has them.  Just generic for MP3 players.  I went to one and found a small enough one for $10, nothing special, but wanted something different, so I ordered the silicone one from Amazon.

I have the Action cover (above) and do not like it. This cover is very snug and because of that, I believe that it is responsable for scratches on my screen. I wish I had bought the screen protecter sheets earlier, they work well. I also don’t like thw way the flap is in the way when I dock it in my Altec Lansing player (which I am very happy with).

I’m waiting for a nice leather case.

After posting the above, I found (and purchased) this

which I think I will be happy with…I’ll let you know.

I have screen protectors and bought them ealier, which I’m glad I did as I scratched one all ready.  The other is slightly scratched, but not bad and fine with me.  I’ll probably be replacing it soon as I play with the corners…

The one you purchased looks nice too.  That looks more durable and sport like and durable.  This is the home site for the makers of the Invisible Shield.  I am normally not a bandwagon jumper. But a friend recommended this product, and I am extremely impressed.  I have it on my Fuze, my cellphone, and considering for my next laptop.  I’ve looked at many gadget protection options and this has got to be the best - at any price!  But that’s the best part, you won’t pay more than many other less worthy options.  Enjoy!

I feel compelled to chime in on the Invisible Shield product.  The plastic sheeting they offer is custom fit, and of excellent quality.  It’s not like the average cheesy plastic “decals” you will fine about the marketplace.

Their technical staff have been quite responsive.  If you’re looking for a quality application to protect your Sansa, this is a good choice!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I checked out the Invisible Shield website (thanks for the link, Will) and was quite impressed. Granted it’s a little pricey, but the best of anything usually is. It seems to be an excellent choice for the FUZE or CLIP or any player that is factory-sealed. But in considering it for the e200 series, which btw they DO have a template for, it would have to be removed in order to remove the 4 screws holding the back on, and it (the shield) is not re-usable.

They claim they will give lifetime replacements if you have to remove it for any reason (you have to send the old ‘shield’ back to them & pay s/h), but the installation process looks involved enough that I wouldn’t want to make a habit out of putting it on multiple times. There’s too many instances when removing the back and/or front is necessary to make this a practical solution.

Examples: Removing the battery to re-set device, removing the battery to replace it, removing the front cover to clean the dust particles that inevitably get in through the 30-pin port opening and statically cling to the inside of the screen cover, etc. There are enough reasons to get inside these units that Sandisk put the screws there is the first place.

Too bad because it looks like an excellent product. :cry:

For the e200 series, I’d opt for the face-only version, as there’s little reason to apply a protective layer to the metal back.

Note that the adhesive (soft) layer will fill any small scratches while applied, making for a pretty Sansa (as long as there isn’t any dirt involved).

Bob  :wink:

Wow Artarian!  Perfect price and looks durable too.  Many thanks.

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I had a problem not with turning on my Fuze but with turning it off. Your fix was to hold the power button and the 12 o’clock button for 15 seconds worked like a charm.

I bought a "clear case’ for a few dollars on amazon. It completely encloses the thing except the buttons and memory card slot… I like that it covers the screen. The case has gotten a bit beatup, but not too scratched yet, but then again I dont abuse my fuze much.  I’ll probably replace it with the same thing again if I can find it

I just got a cheap silicone case off Amazon for a penny plus $3 shipping.  It’s not bad - should provide decent protection against bumps and scrapes on the case.  Doesn’t cover the screen.