Other carrying cases?

Can anyone recommend a carrying case for the fuse besides the terrible one included in the original packaging?  I am interested in one for active use particularly for listening when exercising?

I got a sillicon cover with armband from Amazon for $10. This was for a Fuze.  You can find other ones there too.  Some are more durable and some are just armbands.

Actually they do have generic armband’s for just mp3’s (not even really ipods, just any) and you can use those.  Just bring your Fuze to the store and see what they have that will fit.

Personally I am not crazy about armbands.  They are probably the best is all your use is jogging in the summer months.  Other than that, they seem much less useful, to me.

IO prefer a micro digital camera case.  The one I use now is LowePro Rezo 15.  It’s important to me that the case has a velcro flap, not a zipper.  In this manner I can open the case quickly, access the device and close it without even looking.  These cases fasten to the belt.  for me this is maximum convenience and protection.  i also saw some tiny high quality (and gorrvy colors) Mountansmith cases similar to this at my local TJ Maxx this week.