found decent case for fuze for running

I have been searching hi and low for a good case for the Fuze for when I run. I don’t like the armband and that seems to be the only option. I did purchase a case w/a white plastic clip online, but I don’t feel like it would hold to my shorts securely. I was at Best Buy the other night and bought a DLO Hip Case for a Insignia Pilot. If fits the fuze pretty well. The scroll wheel fits exactly. You can’t see the home button or the on/off switch. This doesn’t matter to me as once I turn it on and start running, I only care about volume or forwarding to next song. I can do this as the scroll wheel is accessible. You could probably tweak the case to make the other buttons accessible also. It’s a little longer than the fuze, but it sits in there securely. To be extra safe, I placed a small piece of velcro at the top of it. I squeeze this closed after I put the fuze in. Works great!

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