The Official ;-) Accessories Thread

Hi folks;

So I’m looking at my spankin’ new 8GB Fuze, as it slowly fills up with music via WMP (I’d rather use MediaMonkey but it can’t see expansion cards, grr.)  I’m thinking I’d like to put this ■■■■■■ into a case and take it out jogging.

I see a couple of cases available at Best Buy, including a DLO Action Jacket.  But I’m leery about getting this case, after the DLO case for the Sansa Connect scratched up my Connect’s screen, due to some stupidly placed and constructed inner stitching.

So anyway, if anyone can speak to the quality of the DLO case for the Fuze (feel the inside of the case for scratchy stitching over the display), or any other case, I’d appreciate it.

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I’ve made myself a case out of an old Altoids tin and spare foam. Such a setup currently has no breathing room or accessiblity to be played IN the tin, but it’s a solid case, none the less and the Fuze fits in it beautifully.

I’ll work on getting it more form fitting for version 2.

I don’t mind helping out with this. Ill create a sticky with the accessories that we know are compatible with the new Sansa Fuze. Give me some time (possibly even help me out) and I’ll have it up for you guys sooner then later.

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