copy & paste music to sansa clip - memory full, but no folders and no music on my sansa

Hi everyone,

I received my sansa clip yesterday and I connected the sansa to my pc. As in the user manual I copied my music files from my pc to the sansa folder “music”. During loading I have seen the music files growing on the sansa “music” folder in my explorer. So I thought every thing is fine… After loading I disconnected the sansa clip and I could only listen to the sample music on the sansa… 

I connected the player again to my pc and now there are no folders (which I had copied just before) in the “music” folder (except the sample musik). 

Unfortunately the memory of my sansa is now full (7 of 8GB occupied) and I can not find the folders to delete them agian.

What can I do to find my loaded folders again?

How can I delete the folder to have my full 8GB available again?

What can I do to play my loaded music?

Please HELP!!! :wink:

Under Settings, choose Reformat–this will erase the content on your Clip so that you can start all over, hopefully this time without a problem.

Note:  as this will erase all the content on your Clip, if you want to save the original music on it, first transfer a copy of that music to your computer.

Thanks Miikerman! Now it works!!! :wink:

Cool, and great to hear–thankfully, SanDisk put the Reformat feature onto the Clips!