Clip Zip takes 15+ minutes to start and is not recognized by PC

I just bought my Clip Zip two weeks ago and everything was working fine until the past few days. Now my player takes ~15 minutes to start, the petal logo is just there with the light on for about 15 minutes before I can play any music or give any other command. In addition it is not being recognized by my computer so I am unable to update the firmware to see if this is the issue.

On these forums I read about a “soft reset” where I hold the power button for 30sec-1min and then turn it on again. I have tried this but now it is taking even longer to start. The petal logo has been on with the light now for about 30 minutes (tried the reset at 9:55 and it’s 10:25 now).

Has anyone had any similar issues and been able to resolve them successfully? I’m getting pretty frustrated with this thing. I have been a clip+ user for 4 years now and bought this one when the old version finally gave out after a long useful life. I never had these kinds of issues with that older model.

I would call SanDisk Tech Support. If they can’t get it going for you and it is still under warrranty (and not a re-furb), they will arrange for you to get a new player. :wink: