Clip zip no longer plays music

Hi, I am having problems with my Clip Zip. The last time I used it, all the files/folders on it had been deleted. I recreated the music folder and added some songs that had been playable on it before. When I click on the songs, they dont play. The text scrolls and but the progress bar never moves and theres no sound. Its not a headphone issue; radio still works. I tried resetting and also updating the firmware. Now it has TWO ‘Music’ folders (one is what I created). It won’t let me copy into the other Music folder or any of the autocreated folders.

Edit to add: I got it to play music from an SD card. It is just the internal memory that doesn’t work. I added some songs to the ‘real’ internal Music folder by syncing to WMP. It skips through all the songs in internal memory now. Does this sound like a hardware problem?

I’d try formatting it (Settiings > System Settings > Format) which will clear the memory and then re-load some of the files to the internal memory and see if they play. They aren’t DRM files (Rhapsody, Audible, etc.) are they?

I would also keep WMP out of the equation. Set your player to MSC mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC) and just drag & drop (copy & paste) the files from your computer to the player.

Thank you!! Formatting fixed it.

Good! Now keep it fixed by switching to MSC mode and forgetting about WMP.