clip zip wont play music

i bought a clip zip last night and for the life of me i can not get this thing to play any music. it will play the first 3sec of a song and sound like its skipping or not play the song at all. if i can get this thing to work shortly its going back and i will never buy a sandisk product again.

oh and by the way the format is mp3

It sounds like there’s something wrong with the .mp3 files. To venture a guess, we’ll need more information. Where did they come from (ripped from CD? With what and what bit-rate? Downloaded? From where? etc.) Is it the same files over and over that don’t play, or is it random? Do they play on any other device or on your computer via Window Media Player or something similar?

they were downloaded and yes they play fine on my laptop burned to a cd plays fine on my wifes mp3 player and on my droid. its just not one file its all of them that i put on. i tryed just putting two songs on didnt work and put 3 albums on still dont work.

OK, this may sound like it’s out of left field, but it’s really not. Are you sure the headphone plug is fully seated in the jack? These are known to have especially tight jacks when new, and we’ve heard from others with similar complaints and when they twisted and pushed a little harder on the plug, the problem goes away. The jacks loosen up a bit after a few uses.