Samsung Clip Zip will not work properly.

Just bought micro SD for my mp3. Loaded lots more music onto player. When I turned it on again, there was all my music but also alot of music which I didn’t actually load onto it. The music (which isn’t my music:I don’t want it) was on media player on my computer, and it got onto my mp3 somehow. Some of it I didn’t even know was there. Anyway. Went on one of these music files. Soon as I pressed play, the player blanked out. Couldn’t get it back on for about 20 minutes. Eventually got it back on, but it took ages to load and when it came to the music home screen it suddenly started playing a song with no sound called ’ r ', by an artist of the same name, whilst all of the different background images for playing songs flashed all at once on a loop. I’ve never heard a soundless song called r before which made the background screen spaz out. As I pressed the button to switch to another song, it went to a song titled GOUJON for a second then turned itself off again. I’ve never heard of a song called GOUJON.I managed to turn it on again after a while, and now it is frozen on the song pause screen. I have no idea what to do.

Maybe you want to post on the Samsung Forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re posting about the SanDisk Clip Zip, right?

Can you try to re-set the player by holding the power button down for 30 seconds or more (some people report 60 seconds)?

Yes, I meant the SanDisk Clip Zip!!!  I’ve already reset it, but the same thing happens -  a soundless mystery file called ‘r’ appears on the screen and then it freezes.  I hope someone can help - any replies would be much appreciated!

PS:  When I connect the player to the PC it is not recognised, so I have no way of deleting all the dodgy files that may be causing the problem.

By any chance, before a song plays, can you get to the player’s System Settings and then reformat it from the options there?  Note:  this will erase your user content on the player; if it’s at all possible, transfer anything you want to save to your computer first (if you can . . .).  This sometimes can fix odd issues.