Clip Zip - A number of problems

I have a Clip+ and a Fuze which I love and have had no problems with.  My wife is an avid Ipod fan but wanted a small player for the gym.  Persuaded her to get a Clip Zip as she can keep her itunes library and put them on the Zip.

Got a 4gig player with a 4gig Sandisk card.  She loaded her itunes on the zip and all worked fine.  When this was full loaded the rest onto the card.  At which point the player keeps crashing about 3/4’s through ‘refreshing’.  Battery drains in no time.  Won’t turn on when charged but if I reset it goes through the ‘refreshing’ mode and then turns itself off.  if I take the card out it works fine but won’t play when I insert it.  Put in the card from my clip+ and it works fine.  Have updated the software to the latest version but still no joy.

Apologies I have looked at various posts which mention the same kind of problem but have had no joy so far with a solution. 

I got the Zip so that she could keep her itunes library but sadly at the moment we are not having much luck.

I’d welcome any advice

Are you/your wife transferring from a Mac or a PC? (Macs can cause issues on non-Apple devices, by creating “ghost” files; a solution: transfer files using Internet freeware Hidden Cleaner.)


Currently using Vista on an HP Pavillion dv6000. 

There shouldn’t be a compatibility issue since it’s a Sandisk card.  Have you tried formatting the card and then adding in some files to see if that’ll work? 

Youcan also try another card and see if the same issue persists.  It could be that either the card or the player’s card slot is defective.

Thanks for the advice.

I have formatted the card which obviously wiped all the tracks on it.  i have gradually been adding all the stuff that was deleted and then checking the refresh problem.  Haven’t added all the stuff previously deleted but so far so good.  It appears to be working fine, not shutting down part way through refreshing.  Hopefully problem solved.