SD cards not working with Clip zip

I just bought 3 4GB clip zips and 3 16gb sansa c2 microsd cards for Xmas presents.

I was testing them out, music would go onto the player OK but I struck problems with the cards.

When I put a few files on the cards “refreshing memory” would come up, the bar would move about 5% of the way across and then it just turns itself off. To turn it back on I would have to press the on button for about 30 seconds then it would just do the same thing over again. The only way I can get it to work is take the card out. I have two cards with files on them and one without, by swapping the cards around it shows the player with the cards with data on it turns off and the one without data is OK.

The players are set to MSC, the files are MP3s that were dragged and dropped from an external HD.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You’re sure they’re all MP3? I only have had that happen with files not compatible with the player. If they are indeed all MP3, then perhaps you need to fix their tags…this thread here can give you an example of how to set them up.

Many thanks Marvin, I will check out the tags :slight_smile:

Am pretty sure they were MP3s and one WAV

Just as a matter of interest which files arent compatible with the zips?

Thanks again, i really appreciate your help.

It is likely one or more of the files is causing the issue.  MP3s work pretty well on the Clips–you could try experimenting with the files to see which one(s) is giving the problem.  .

I’m not audio player firmware expert, but it seems like it would be a relatively simple thing for the firmware to display some kind of informative message when it encounters tags it can’t parse, instead of just giving up.