clip + win7 64b freeze


I have Win 7 64b and Sansa Clip. The device is working fine in MSC mode. I have problem with MTP mode. When I try to sync it with WinAmp or WMP, Explorer and WinAmp/WMP freezes randomly during file transfers. The device is fine while in idle, but when I try to sent any files to it via other SW, it freezes at random point (means once at 48%, 24%, 14%, 77% …). Device status is changed from Writing to Connected and nothing is responding. I have to disconect Clip from USB to get everything unstuck. Also I noticed If I let it freezed for some time it will write few more % and freeze again.

I tried to reinstall WinAmp, reinstall Sansa Updater and reinstall Sansa Clip (removing it in device manager while connected). Nothing seems to fix the issue.

I can’t tell if its Clip specific issue, because I don’t have any more MTP device.

Also it was working fine at Vista 64b.

Thanks for any help.