Slowdown and can't transer files

So I started having problems with my clip today, I looked around the forums and didn’t find anything that fixed it:

MSC mode isn’t working at all, it shows up as an unrecognized device, and then as a random external drive. When I try opening it, it gives me a timeout for establishing a semaphore (something like that).

It sees the clip in MTP mode, but doesn’t allow me to transfer files.

Bootup, shutdown, and refresh database are incredibly slow (30 or so seconds each). Also, when disconnecting from the computer, it takes almost a minute for the disconnected screen to go away.

It won’t allow me to do a firmware upgrade, both from the updater (updater says failed) and manually (can’t get file on clip). I do have the latest firmware for America on, installed it just a few days back, but it seems I can’t overwrite it (maybe it got corrupted somehow).

And I deleted all my music one by one from it using the menu in the clip, I thought maybe clearing it might help, but it didn’t delete anything and I can still play the 25 or so songs I had in there, all of which I pressed delete on.

This all started this morning, it was working fine yesterday.

Perhaps the firmware got corrupted, or something similar?

Perhaps:  try resetting (on button in the uppermost position for 15+ seconds); and/or reformatting (Settings/Format).  And then, possibly, reapplying the latest firmware.

Corruption was also my thought, but reformatting isn’t doing anything (tried at least 4 times), didn’t even erase 1 song. I just tried resetting, but that doesn’t work either (it powers up or down without waiting for the 15 seconds). I’ve tried getting the firmware on again, but it still times out trying to open the drive. The clip does indicate that it is connected though.

Unfortunately, I’m on vacation 6000 km from where I live, so I can’t just return it or get it repaired until late July, by which time the return period will be over.

At least I can still listen to music I can’t delete, and might be able to transfer recordings I make from the clip onto my computer in MTP mode, haven’t tried that yet, although it seemed only to see folders and not files, and would time out when I tried copying a file to the clip.

Try a different USB cable and make sure you connect directly to computer, not an external USB hub.  I’ve seen a number of people with problems that were solved because the cable was bad.

Try different USB ports (with different USB cables).  Not all ports are created equal and some won’t work with the Clip.

Try seeing if the Clip shows up in the Device Manager (in XP: Control Panel, then System, then Hardware tab, then Device Manager button) when it’s connected.  Do you see a yellow exclamation mark or red circle corresponding to the Clip/USB?  If so then remove the “device” from the Device Manager and see if your computer re-discovers your Clip.  If it doesn’t then unplug the Clip, wait a minute, and plug the Clip back in.  Hopefully it will be found and everything will work.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I’ve tried different ports, that doesn’t work. I don’t have access to another cable, but the cable I am using works with my dad’s Olympus voice recorder no problem. Windows does not show any errors for the clip drivers, but it took it 2 minutes just to delete it. Windows saw it fine after, but the clip still won’t allow me to do anything with it from the computer.