Clip slow startup and Refresh Database


My Clip (2GB Euro model without radio) has started being very erratic in performance.  Startup is slow compared to instaneous before and it refreshes the database each time it starts up.  I’ve tried resetting a few times but not done anything with the firmware yet.  Any other suggestions? 



I think you post in the wrong forum. This is the Sansa View forum.

Try running Chkdsk /f on the device.  If that fails to help,  reformat using the devices format command and reload your content.

Hi, sounding like a novice now - how do I run Chkdsk /f or reformat - could you point me at some instructions?


Try this:

Put Clip into MSC mode

Plug into computer

Right click on Clip Removable Disk

Select Properties

Select Tools

Select Check Now

Check mark both boxes

Hit Start

Here is something you can do. 

1.  Leave the device in OFF mode

2.  Slide the power button into HOLD position

3.  Press-n-hold the center button & connect it to PC & keep holding until the device shows “Connected”

4.  Double click on “My Computer” & see if you can see the device as a removable disk (i.e. drive F, G, etc…)

5.  Now, once it’s connect as a removable disk (i.e. drive G), then go into DOS mode on your windows by pressing Win + R or press on “Start > Run” and then type in cmd to go into DOS mode.  Once, you have open up the DOS windows,

If you want to check the integrity of the device, type this:

chkdsk g: /f 

If you want to format your device to clean it up, please type this in to format the device completely:

format g: /fs:fat /a:32k /y

if your drive is different than g, just change it.  Once you’ve finished the formatting, unplug from PC & see if it will fix your problem.   Also suggest upgrade to latest fw

If you want to know more about dos, type in help /? or chkdsk /? or format /?