A call for help in a problem in my Sansa Clip

I have encountered a sudden problem with my sansa clip while playing an MP3 file. The symptoms of the problem are:
1-The device takes a very lomg time to start or to be recognized by the computer (~5 minutes)
2-The device became write protected, I can no longer add or remove any files from it or even format it either from the computer or from the device itself.
3-The device starts every time by playing a certain file regardless of whatever file I was running the last time.

Any help ?

Id try reformatting the unit.

Go to Settings>Format> Yes

Next,  transfer the content again.


I did that and it didn’t work.

Can you try applying the firmware upgrade again?  See the sticky for instructions.

Is there any way to reset the device or format it other than by using the functions in the settings?

You could also format it from your computer, just like a flash drive. You’ll have to switch to MSC mode if you’re currently using MTP.

Thanks Eliasf,

The flash is somehow write protected, I can’t format it from the computer, delete any file from it nor write a new file to it.

I doubt that the problem is a hardware problem, is it?