Clip+/Rhapsody Issues

Issue with my Clip+ running Rhapsody: When attempting to sync, songs on my Clip do not show up on my ‘Track’ list (although they are definitely still held in memory in my Clip).  Also, I’m not able to download additional songs from Rhapsody - I get an error each time (“General Error 80004005”). 

Please help.

This error is a general access error.  Is the Clip+ in MSC mode?  Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP for Rhapsody.

If unsuccessful, try reauthorizing the device with eh Rhapsody 4 client open.  When you plug in, look at the Clip+ in the sources  pane.  Right click on the device.  If Deauthorize is one of the available choices, the Clip is in MTP mode.  Try deauthorizing, then reauthorize the device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: