clip popped off

I have had my sansa mp3 player for quite some time and love it! The size is great and It holds all the music I want plus lets me listen to the radio instead if I wish. I even was going to purchase one for my sister as a gift and fill it with music she would enjoy. Today, the clip popped off the back when I laid down on my work out bench to do leg curls. This feature is VERY important to me for my workouts.  I went to the website to find out if it could be fixed and where. The person on live chat named Daniel S. completely ignored what I had asked and instead informed me that SanDisk would not replace “our bad or defective products”  due to physical damage. He was not helpful at all and was extremely rude in tone. I am very disappointed. I did not want or request a replacement. Can this be fixed as it looks like the spring just needs to be reset. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

In the past, every now and again, the online SanDisk store has sold the clip attachment itself, for the original Clip.  However, due to the age of the product, I doubt that it will be doing so again.  (But, you never know–you might want to check later (there are no clips for sale there right now).)

Otherwise, your best best might be to try to fix the clip/spring yourself, or to look for a dead unit on sale for the parts.  Also, some people have posted here and at the forum how to replace the original clip with a homemade version.

edit:  I should have asked, is your player the original Clip or the Clip+?  Of course, the clip on the Clip+ is not user-replaeable and the only option there would be to try to repair it… 

P.S.  Sorry for the unfortunate defenseiveness of the SanDisk rep., an unfortunate kneejerk reaction that some customer service reps. sometimes will take. 

Not surprised yours broke and i’m not surprised the SanDisk employee handled it so poorly. I’ve never dealt with a more problematic, malfunction prone MP3 player, or electronic device in general for that matter, as the sansa clip. Pretty cheap product on the whole. Just wish another mp3 player had that clip feature, as it is a great idea and very useful.