falling out of love with my sansa

I got my sansa clip back in August. This is my second mp3 player from Sansa and had my e260 for a year and a half before the ring that controls the volume stopped working. Everything else continues to work perfectly but I cant hear a thing.

I decided to stick with sansa because I thought the pricing was very competetive for the products. That is until now. The clip for my sansa broke 3 months after I bought it and now when I work out I have to hold it in my hand. This completely defeats the purpose of my buying the sansa clip and I am very dissapointed that it broke so easily! I do not like the detachable feature because since buying it never once had I felt then need to take the clip off. I know Sansa made it this way to make more money off the consumer, charging $10 to replace a lost or broken clip.

So now  I own two sansas that don’t work properly. Can anyone recommend an mp3 player (not Apple) that I would work great for a running junkie like me? 

I can’t think of any others off hand that have clips, so you may have to get some kind of holder (arm band etc).

If that’s the case, you could just stick with the (un)Clip.

I have no idea if the player’s any good, and I’m sure they are pricey, but doesn’t Oakley sell sunglasses with built in mp3 player?

So you have a Clip with a broken clip. It would be a shame to throw it away just because of that. First of all; these clips are just plastic and not hardened steel so a pearson must handle with care and feeling.

If you are just a little bit of handyman and have a basic tools you could easily made a new clip for the Clip.

The rear of the Clip has a very well designed base for the removable clip, using a horsheshoe shaped spring.

Ten dollars gets you three spare clips currently, and it’s a good idea to have spares.  The removable clip is the sacrificial half, easily replaced.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

For around $50 in the US, one can buy a 4 gig Sansa Clip, or a one gig ipod Shuffle. The Clip has a display, FM radio, and voice recorder which the Shuffle lacks. A one gig Clip is just $27 at Walmart. I haven’t seen any other very small players that have a built in Clip. The Clip isn’t perfect, and there are things about it that annoy me, however it is a great value for the price. With rugged use, music players can break easily enough. Back in the tape player days, I knew someone who on average broke around a player a month.

My personal position is, a broken clip is covered by the warranty–I don’t see anything in the warranty otherwise, and SanDisk effectively has admitted the issue with the clip.  I would telephone and require a replacement, under the warranty’s terms.