Clip Plus Not Recognized, Not Enough Space, Stuck Refreshing Media

I am a victim of the ‘Not Enough Space for Music.  Please free 90MB’ error message.  I get this message after the initial power up screens.  I read a lot of older posts about these types of errors and I wanted to format and install firmware, but my computers (Mac and older Windows XP laptop) will not recognize it.  I tried holding the center button while plugging in the device but no luck getting to MCS mode.  I tried letting it sit and running battery down, but I always get the low battery warning then shut off, and if I charge it up again I get the same message.

Holding the center button powering up the device does get me through this message and the device did work once after that, but the messages did still come up.  After that message goes away, it is now getting stuck on ‘Refreshing your media’.  I let it sit there overnight plugged in to a computer and it still says Refreshing your media the next day.  I can make the message go away by holding the power button for 20 seconds, but both messages always come back.

There is probably a corrupted file, but I can’t get through the Refreshing your media message to format. I was not using an SD card.  I put one in and took it out to see if that made a difference, and it did not.  I did see one other post that looked exactly like this issue, but it was a little older and there was no resolution.  Any information related to these issues would be appreciated.

Try holding the << button as you connect to force MSC mode. 

Then, if you can see it in Windows, right-click, Properties, go to the Tools tab and run Error-checking. Or if you prefer, Start/Run/chkdsk X: (by X I mean whatever driveletter WIndows assigns Sansa Clip).  Let it fix errors if it finds them. If you’re lucky that will fix it.

If not, and you can look at files on the device, you could delete whatever was most recently added that might have had a corrupted file.

If neither option works, nuke it. You can format it from Windows. Use FAT32. The firmware is in a separate partition and won’t be touched.

Maybe you can use this as USB mode and delete what ever file you want to delete. There’s also an agressive approach which is to restore to factory default, if only this is an option for you. <img src=“”/>