Clip not recognized at all

HELP! I bought a Sansa Clip 2GB. Connected and fully charged it. Put different mp3’s on it (about 30 or so).

After about 2 weeks, I connected the Sansa to the pc again. However: it was not recognized at all! I tried different pc’s, different cables and at last resetted and formatted the whole thing.

However: still no connection at all. No sign of charging, no sign of “usb device detected”, nothing. Only thing that happens is that, when it is in “on” position, it goes off. After removing the cable, it goes on again…

What can I do??

Can you try to force an MSC mode connection?  Clip off and put into hold (on switch all the way down, so the orange under the on switch shows), hold the center button down as you connect to your computer.

I tried everything that I could find on this forum and elsewhere. When the clip is on, I can either switch to “detect automatic” or the other (MSP/MSC) modes. Doesn’t matter; it won’t be recognized.

The clip functions normally, that is: only radio now after the last formatting. Plugging in an USB cable (connected to a PC; I have access to over 20 pc’s) means: device goes black. And no return/recognition signal on whatever which PC I’m using.

Clip is about 3 weeks old now… So I think this is rather bad firmware/hardware. My daughters Ipod is playing for years now…

Probably have to return it to the shop, at last: looks like it.

I have this same problem & called Tech support.  They had me hold the on switch in the on position for 40 seconds & it finally reset itself.  However, mine keeps going off like that randomly.

I got my RMA today so the Clip is on its way to Brno (Czech Republic…)

I had someone on the phone and explained the problem. They said to reset it the way you describe (holding it in on position). Didn’t work (I already tried that) After that, she asked if I could put the new firmware on it…

yeah… right… Like how? With a clip that goes black when connected and no sign of life whatsoever on the pc…?