Clip messed up.

My Sansa Clip started glitching, then it froze, and now it freezes on startup. I tried formatting multiple times, and each time I get the “Format cannot be completed” message.

So, I tried just deleting everything through My Computer, but when I unplug it, then plug it back in, everything appears back on it.

I found an unknown file named a∞b∞, so I ran chkdsk on it, “fixed” the unknown file, but all the problems are still occuring.

I took it into WMP which is what I use to put music on it, deleted everything, opened it up with My Computer right away, and everything’s still there.

Everytime I run chkdsk it “fixes” the same file over and over. a∞b∞ doesn’t appear anywhere anymore som I don’t know what the problem is now.

How about formatting the Clip from your computer?

That’s the kind of formatting I’m talking about.

I’ve tried both ways multiple times.

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