Clip killed my computer! (but only temporarily)

Yesterday, I plugged my Clip into my computer here at work.  When I left for the day, I forgot to take it with me.

This morning, when I turned my computer on, Windows would not load.  I kept getting a disk read error.  I called the IT guy who came up, took the computer apart, reseated the hard drive, and hooked everything back up.  Another disk read error.  He took it apart again, fiddled with it some more, adjusted the bios, and hooked everything back up.  Still, a disk read error.

So he unhooked everything, took my computer down to his office and plugged it in.  Everything worked just exactly as it should.  Turned it off and back on a few times and everything was great.

Then he brought the computer back to my office and hooked it all up.  And got a disk read error after turning it on.

He turned it off, unplugged my Clip, and turned the computer back on.  Voila!  In just moments I was logged on to and LOLing at those darned cats.

As far as I can recall this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to boot up any of my computers with the Clip plugged in.  His best guess is that the computer was reading the clip as a drive and trying to boot from it.  Perhaps this is a well-known problem and I’m going to feel like a real fool when everyone here responds with “Yep.  We’ve all known that for years.  Where’ve you been?”, but I thought I’d write this just in case anyone thinks their computer is dead. Maybe it’s not!  Just make sure your Clip is unplugged and see what happens. (Although, if your computer is dead I’m not sure how you can read this to know to try unplugging the Clip!)

your boot sequence is set to boot from usb before hard drive. this will happen not only with sansa but any usb mass storage device you have connected that does not have a boot volume. have your it department reconfigure your bios to boot from hard drive first and you will not have this issue again. i can not believe your it guy did not see that right away.

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I had the same thing happen to me until I ralized it was trying to boot from my Clip. :slight_smile: